Hardware changes quickly in the music industry, so to does the software.  Every month there seems to be another software release or update.  But fear not, we have it covered.  KSG Recording can give you the option of several leading brands of recording software to choose from.  Each has its own pros and cons so if you are not sure which to go for, drop us a line and we can help you out.  

Avid Pro Tools HD

Arguably the worlds most well known and widely used DAW and recording software.  With access to a multitude of plug ins and interfaces as well as the speed and ease of use, you can see why artists, engineers and producers continue to come back to Pro Tools

Nuendo Live

Multitrack recording with Yamaha digital consoles couldn’t be easier.  Simply plug and play on a piece of ethernet cable.  Automatic setup and editing functions make this piece of software very useful indeed

Apple Logic

From composing to recording and finally mixing a piece of music, Apple Logic has it all.  A wide range of features including a remote iPad app, plug ins and integration with Garageband, users need look no further than this fine piece of software

Waves Tracks LIVE

For integration with the latest Waves software and DiGiGrid hardware, look no further than this slick piece of software.  Record and playback hundreds of tracks up to 192k!

Ableton Live

For the budget conscious and the creative musicians amongst us, Ableton Live allows you to bring a musical idea to fruition leaving you with a finished masterpiece.  You never know what you might create when the mood strikes!