Below is a select few items that we have available for you, there are loads more to choose from.  Our hire stock is always being renewed and updated!

Digigrid IOX

Expand your SoundGrid with the DiGiGrid IOC.  Loads of analog and digital inputs and outputs and two convenient headphones amps as well, all on the end of a piece of CAT5e.  Nice.

Avid HD Omni

Avid top of the line multi IO device that can be connected to HDX and HD Native cards.  Analog, AES and ADAT inputs and outputs.  A perfect solution for monitoring control room applications

Avid MBox

The Avid MBox is a pocket sized (well, a large pocket) audio interface that connects to your Pro Tools rig via USB.  It is bus powered so no need for any extra power supplies

RME FireFace UCX

When the Germans build something, they usually get it right and the RME FireFace UCX is no exception.  18 inputs and 18 outputs over USB 2 or FW400 all packaged into 1/2 a rack space.  With two mic pre amps, 8 line in and out, ADAT in and out as well as AES in and out, this small audio interface really packs a punch.  Oh and to top it off, there is a remote control too!

Behringer X32

Most of you will have heard about the X32.  Love them or loathe them, we have the Behringer X32 for hire.  Also the Behringer X32 Rack is available. 


From the industry standard SM58 to something a little more esoteric, we have a wide range of dynamic and condenser microphones available for hire from the likes of AKG, Audio Techica, Audix, Beyer Dynamic, Earthworks, Neumann, Rode, Sennheiser, Shure and more.

Waves Servers

The DSP behind the Waves, SoundGrid and DigiGrid products.  Choose from hundreds of plug ins available, all made possible by these servers from Waves.  We have both Waves Sever Extreme and Waves Impact Servers for hire


The Avid solution to enable you to get a MADI stream into Pro Tools will as little fuss as possible.  64 IO from BNC or Optical then it is converted to minidigilink for integration with Pro Tools


For the golden touch, you have to go Midas. The legendary sound of eight Midas pre amps, all packaged into 1 unit of rack space.  These are amazing sounding pre amps

SSL Delta Link

SSL have had a go at creating a MADI interface for Pro Tools and they have done so very well.  The Delta Link takes MADI in via optical and converts it to Digilink.  You can then connect it to your Pro Tools rig.  Nice!

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

Simplicity at its best.  Two in and two out.  Who needs any more?

DI Boxes

Don't forget DI boxes for hire as well.  Well known names such as BSS, dbx, Klark Teknik, Radial and more. Single channel, dual channel / stereo DI boxes or 8 channel.  We a have a wide range available for hire.   

Avid IO

Following on for the successful 192, Avid have again updated and revamped their very flexible multiple input and output unit.  This is the Avid IO


64 channels of audio over USB, who would have though it.  The Germans really nailed it this time with a truly pocket sizes box of tricks.  Simply connect to you a computer via USB 2.0 and boom, they you have 64ch of audio ver MADI via coax or optical

Avid MBox Pro

A really handy Firewire audio interface.  Loads of input and outputs for when you are on the go!

Tascam US 1800

Tascam have always come up with very cost effective solutions for the music world and the US 1800 is no exception.  16x4 IO with 8 mic pre amps all over USB 2.0!

Edirol UA25

For a cheeky two track record, this wee USB bus powered device is a great shout.  Simply plug and play.  Very easy to use and very well laid out

Tascam DR-44WL

4 track recording in the palm of your hand.  Line in or using the built in microphones or a combination of both, and all at 96k!

Denon DN-500R

A 24bit 96kHz solid state play back and recording device.  A very well specified piece of kit.  It will record to USB, SD or SD-HC from both analog and AES or SPDIF